#1 Global Branding Expert, Rey Perez is Calling all Entrepreneurs to Define Their Drive to Success

Miami Entrepreneur, best selling author, award winning speaker and business leader, Rey Perez  is searching for high-performance entrepreneurs to share their stories of failure in his new documentary book project, “The Drive to Success” which will benefit his charity, InfluenceWithLove.org. Rey’s mission is to inspire others to achieve personal success by sharing his own failures, learning experiences and insights that have helped him succeed in both life and business.

The Drive to Success will be the first documentary book to share the stories of successful entrepreneurs and their experiences with failure. The book will also feature stories about what some of these entrepreneurs have learned from their failures, overcoming adversity and ultimately succeeding.

These stories will be told through audio interviews as well as written content. The interviewees who are featured will also contribute toward Rey’s charity InfluenceWithLove.org . The co-authors featured in Volume 1 include Miriam Divinsky, Ph.D., Marta Skik Harich, Bill Fairman, Billy Wease, Susan Heartlight, Bob Chitrathorn, Dale Darcas, Victor Kostroub, Mike Saunders, and Taliya Bashani.

Rey said, “This documentary book will assist you in discovering your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur, identifying opportunities for improvement, developing strategies that work for you, and ultimately increasing your chances of greater success. You will hear stories of failure, so you know what not to do and how to learn and grow from it. You will hear stories of failure so that you know what not to do and how to learn and grow from it. With the right attitude and dedication, you can turn each failure into a success.”

Describing the book, Rey said, “This book isn’t about luck or overnight success; it’s about hard work and determination in the face of adversity. It acknowledges that failure is an essential part of growth and progression as an entrepreneur and will provide guidance on how to proactively use those failures to support your business to reach new heights. This book is not for you if you’re looking for a shortcut to the top. But if you’re ready to put in the effort while learning from your mistakes, this book can be a valuable resource on your journey toward achieving greatness.”

In a podcast interview on the Business Innovators Radio Network about the documentary book project, Rey discusses his Entrepreneurial Journey and how his failures have led to his success multiple times over his career. https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/interview-with-rey-perez-1-global-branding-expert/

More details about the documentary book project and Influence With Love charity can be found at: ReyPerez360.com

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