Businesses Expand and Flourish During COVID-19: Opportunities for Growth Highlighted

Business Thought Leaders

Craig Peleg, of EXP Realty in Delray Beach, Florida, sees a whirlwind of growth at EXP Realty, a revolutionary new model that focuses on virtual offices, so agents can literally work and be anywhere in the world.

“We are the fastest-growing brokerage on the planet and the most productive independent real estate brokerage in North America,” Peleg said.

“What makes us so unique is that every productive agent in the firm is an equity owner of EXP, which is a publicly-traded company that shares 50% of our revenues with its agent owners.” EXP Realty has expanded over the past decade due to its agent-centric position that helps agents create an exit strategy, simply by compensating them for attracting new agents into EXP, creating residual generational wealth.

Peleg said that while other bricks and mortar brokerages were closing their doors, “We pivoted, doubled-down, and offered our training classes to agents of other brokerages whose brokers closed shop during the pandemic.” , We even held our annual shareholder’s summit and trade show in May virtually via EXP World, our proprietary platform.”

International Investments Create Strong Alliances

International Lawyer and cross-border investment specialist, Lauren Cohen, of e-Council, Inc., Boca Raton, Florida, sees the silver linings in real estate investment opportunities created by the pandemic. 

‘There will be amazing real estate investment opportunities and means to access the market that might weren’t previously available,” Cohen said. “More entrepreneurial clients that we have guided through pivots and adjustments will have the opportunity to significantly scale their businesses and expand their global footprint, while looking forward to future growth.”

Cohen explained that investors and business owners whose mindset is future-focused would not only survive, but thrive in the coming months. 

“Stronger alliances between business owners have been fostered, and the world has become kinder overall. Now is the perfect time for forward-thinking business owners to protect the soul of their businesses and invest wisely in preparation for the future,” said Cohen.

Business Education In the Forefront of  Banking

Sheree Darien, Second Chance CDFI Bank, Ridgeland, South Carolina, asks the question: “Have you ever thought about why banks say that small businesses fail within 1-5 years? Why is that saying common?”

Statistics show that many businesses fail due to lack of financial guidance, knowledge or support. “In short, knowledge is definitely power and leads to success,” Darien said. 

“So, how do we fix it? Second Chance CDFI Bank is coming to the market with the solution,” she said. “Now is the time for business owners to become educated on how to properly manage, sustain and maintain capital in their business after getting a loan.”

Darien said that Second Chance CDFI Bank helps to reduce the risk without worry or default garnering a business owner more structure to be able to sustain and grow the capital that’s provided to them. “This will ensure repayment and gain confidence between the lender and the business owner. We firmly believe that education will lead to success in business and are positioned to assist small businesses with those needed tools to lead to successful heights.”

Overall, thought leaders and professionals in technology, real estate, and banking see opportunities for innovations and expansion during and after COVID-19.

Tamara “Tami” Patzer is the creator of the Authority Footprint Formula, creator/producer of Beyond of the Best Seller Marketing System, Host of Women Innovators Radio, and Contributing Writer at Small Business Trendsetters.

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